I'm sad that this seems to be the next counter cultural rock movement. To me it's boring. There's no balls and it's so unoriginal and flat to me that it's disturbing. It stands for nothing unlike the previous counter cultural movements that I'm aware of -- I'm only 33 though and perhaps I think I know it all like my parents used to say. But I always sided with SST's slogan, "FUCK PARENTAL ADVICE!" :) Of course I'm kidding though! Anyway, with the Ramones bringing speed to the standard composition, Black Flag fucking it up altogether, The Wipers bringing in the feedback and noise, and the early '90s bringing "grunge movement" -- which albeit was a bit contrived but still stood out on it's own. It seems that other genres of the same early 90s movement are usually forgotten about in reviews of the period. Focusing solely on the "big 3" (Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden). There was so much more --Sonic Youth's Dirty? Fugazi's In On the Kill Taker? Dazzling Killmen's Face of Collapse? So on and on and on.... This current movement shows a lack of skill and smarts both lyrically and musically and that's not counter cultural to me it's just counter intelligent. Dumbing down music isn't "cool" so how could it be counter cultural? The Ramones, Black Flag, Minutemen, Wipers, Nirvana and a lot of the aggressive early '90s bands were smart either musically or lyrically or both. Of course this is all "IMHO." Don't get me wrong I love Beach House's Devotion and I worship the Velvet Underground and The Sonics but those bands were not just counter cultural they were intelligent as well.....

Craig Thompson

In response to the above comment - I'm not sure how having simple guitar chords, beats and lyrics translates to the people and their band being "counter intelligent." The comparison with the US punk movement and grunge is way off the mark here.

And in another defense of this post, I also don't think Michael is advocating for any counter culture in these bands. I just think he's saying that the boom-boom-bap-boom music of these bands he cites is an inevitable counter movement to the current 'baroque' trends in indie rock. It's rare Michael isn't on the mark, and he's hit the target square on with this one.


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