great review, Mike, and timely, having just read MOJO's cover feature on the same period. must grab this DVD. thanks.


great review. you write very well, keep it up.....

btw - loved your piece on Morphine's front man a couple of months ago.


Grear review! Just got through watching it and I totally agree. They played their rocks off!


Very good review. I also agree that bill wyman's talent is unbelievable and overlooked by lots of people. But I did see bill interact with the band during the show, so I disagree there.

Nauka gry na gitarze

Those were the days when the music has its sense... Now it's a big bag of bland soundclash.

Rob Blaze

Excellent review!

Napoleon Blownapart

nice review. I would like to add that the thickness of guitar sound for keef and woody was their selection of amplication x guitars. woody - mostly les paul types, thick and fat. keef stratocster(surprise!) and the obligatory telecasters/dan armstrongs. by 1981 tour and their switch in amps from fender classic, yanno with those large cabinets you are taling about, the beef was lost. 1969-1978 was the time to see the stones imo for a number of reasons, mostly choice of amps/guitars and killer tunes. rock on.


You sound like one of those rock critics that like Springsteen.


Mick Jagger was awesome that year. I went to the concert in Houston, Texas and enjoyed every minute of it too. He actually thought out of the box.


Video from this tour is hard to find. Other than the SNL performance we had nada but a very bad bootlegged hand cam of 6 songs. This dvd, if it is the same show they played in the cinemas, is worth owning. To a Stones fan, the idea of unreleased video (and audio) of the Stones from this period is kinda like a historian finding a heretofore unknown original text of Alexander the Great's thoughts on battle tactics. "Oh my God, so that's how they did it". But even a casual fan will enjoy this video as it will instantly redeem your blowout game watching party and turn it into a rock and roll party with songs that everybody knows done by men in their mid-thirties who had something to prove in 1978.

Jon McCarthy

I'm about to drag my 18 year old daughter off to London's Hyde Park to see Charlie and his mates. With these lads it could be god-awful or gob-smacking - and that is why I love them still. I think your review of the Some Girl's Texas show is excellent. On reflection though I don't think the Stones' co-opting of Punk was pure opportunism: they really are the greatest punk band in the world - and that is a compliment coming from a fellow who still wants to be like Honest Joe Strummer when he grows up!
I stumbled across your great review and thoroughly enjoyed it - now I'm off to read the rest of your stuff.
Parting shot: try listening to London Calling and Exile on Main Street back to back.

Michael Azerrad

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. McCarthy. Please come back here and let us know how you and your daughter liked the show!

todd borch

I was watching the Palladia channel's broadcast of Live in Texas and wondered why Mick's shirt was blurred. For some reason, I've been deeply emersed in the Stones again, probably by virtue of their 50 and Counting tour, which I saw and loved.

But a very good piece of writing, indeed, written by a very big fan, like myself.

June 29, 2013
Denver CO


Keith's demanding chords of MOOAAR Jumping Jack Flash to close out the show proves to the world just who's band it is. The band will die when Keith does. RIP Charlie.

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